5 Keto foods that you are going to LOVE

1. Seafood!
Fish and shellfish are the bread and butter of anyone looking into starting ketogenic diets. Just make sure you are not allergic first. Other than that, if you can afford it, seafood is arguably the best and healthiest keto food out there.

1. Cheese
Whether your weapon of choice is brie or camembert or any of the many cheddars out there, cheese is a very good, natural way of inducing keto. 

1. Non starchy vegetables
Low in calories and packed full with vitamin C, minerals and all the fiber your digestion needs, they are also a good source of antioxidants. 
Spinach is probably king, with 1 gram of carbs per cup. Not that is something!

1. Lean meat and poultry
High quality and quantity of readily bioavailable protein and low fat content. Even though general wisdom says for keto you need that little bit of fat, we recommend that you go for lean cuts of meat, to avoid that bad colesterol.

1. Eggs
Fried, poached, boiled, scrambled... you name it. There are literally hundreds of ways of cooking eggs and all of them delicious. High content of probably the best quality protein out there. If you can go for just the egg whites even better, but not mandatory for keto.

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